Breathe, Believe & Bounce Into It: by Tonya Lowe




If it’s picking fresh vegetables from her garden, or creating dishes that make you feel better I’m is your girl. I educate you on the importance of eating healthier to create longevity in your life. Hello my name is Tonya Lowe and cooking is my passion. I’ve been cooking since the age of 6 with my grandmothers, one owned a catering business, the other owned a delicious restaurant in our area. Im the best selling author of a book called Breathe Believe and Bounce into it, designed to put hope in your heart and success in your life which was the number one best seller on Amazon within the first day of it’s release. The book is a great feel good read that everyone
needs to feel. I understand the importance of getting good nutrition in your body to get good results from your eating, as they say, you are what you eat. I am a certified Food Coach, creating meal plans designed specifically for you and your lifestyle.


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