Gourmet Smoked Dry Mustard Blend


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Keep it Spicey is bringing you the BEST Gourmet Smoked Dry Mustard in 2018. Introducing One of our Newest Spice Blends, a mixture of our Gourmet Smoked Spices along with Dry Mustard to create this tangy and automatic smoked spice. It’s sharp flavor that offers the perfect counterpoint to rich ingredients like beef, cheese, and butter. Sprinkle it into your mac ‘n cheese or deviled eggs. Whisk it into red wine sauce for beef. Use it to flavor—and emulsify—homemade mayonnaise and Hollandaise sauce. Whisk it into salad dressings and butter sauces. The more you use ground mustard in your culinary explorations, the more you’ll love it.

Our spices are smoked with a blend of 3 different types of grill wood.  Hickory for a little boldness, cherrywood for a little sweetness and Bourbon Staves for a little extra flavor from our area Bourbon Country.

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1 oz Sample Container, 4 oz Container


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